To discover and invent new electrical, optical, wireless, and themal connectivity solutions (create new technological options) that will meet or exceed ITRS projections and enable hyper-integration of heterogeneous components for future terascale systems
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The Interconnect Focus Center (IFC) conducts research to discover and invent new electrical, optical and thermal interconnect solutions that will meet or exceed ITRS projections and enable hyper-integration of heterogeneous components for future terascale systems.

The IFC was founded in 1998 to research all aspects of the wiring that connect the millions of transistors on a microchip, from process to system-level architecture. Today and in the future, the microelectronics and nanotechnology industries will lead the evolution of technology in industries from automotive to medical, and from computing to aviation. The IFC strives to stay atop all advances in these fields and play a major role in driving this technology into the future. To that end, the center's research themes have evolved to accommodate this goal.

Research Focus

Exacerbating factors pertaining to the copper-based interconnect schemes for use in future sub-50 nanometer generations of silicon technology drive the need to invent new interconnect solutions. The research focus in the IFC is to discover and invent electrical, optical and thermal interconnect solutions that enable hyper-integration of heterogeneous components. The approach is to capitalize on the enormous amount of research being conducted in nanoscience and technology to develop novel high conductance electrical interconnects to replace copper. Our research also identifies and explores the opportunities and barriers for optical interconnects that will scale to meet the needs of future gigascale silicon electronic systems with emphasis on input/output and global on-chip interconnects.

Interconnect-driven circuit and system design, and modeling are investigated to understand the fundamental trade-offs between electrical and optical interconnections for short-haul communication. In view of the foreseen technology roadblocks of power delivery and thermal management, novel approaches in these areas will be explored.

Themes and Theme Drivers

Research in Interconnect addresses the following four Themes:


Electrical Interconnects
Optical Interconnects


Thermal Management and Power Delivery
Circuit and System Design and Modeling

The center is also pursuing two Design Drivers:


Futuristic high performance, hypothetical, network routing/computing chip which stresses interconnects to the extreme
Consists of integrated nano-scale non-metallic conductors and devices built on a CMOS platform.

The Interconnect Focus Center invites you to join us for 2012 IFC Annual Review,
to be held at the Global Learning Center on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, Georgia

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IFC Webinars
Thursdays • 4–5PM Eastern Time

Jan 14
Muhannad Bakir, GIT
Jan 21
Kenneth Goodson, Stanford
Jan 28
James Harris, Stanford
Feb 11
Manos Tentzeris, GIT
Feb 25
Alex Balandin, UCR
Mar 4
Sung Kyu Lim, GIT
Mar 11 Azad Naeemi, GIT
Mar 18 Charles Sullivan
Mar 25 Shanhui Fan
Apr 1 Muriel Medard, MIT
April 8 Keren Bergman, Columbia
Apr 22 Vince LaBella, UAlbany
Apr 29 Elad Alon, Berekely
May 13 Jelena Vukovic, Stanford
May 20 Mark Brongersma, Stanford
Jun 3
Tomas Palacios, MIT
Jun 10 Rizwan Bashirullah, UFL
Jul 8 Dana Weinstein, MIT
Jul 22 Saroj Nayak, RPI
Jul 29 Yi Bui, Stanford
Aug 26 Paul Kohl, GIT
Sep 2 Kevin Cao, ASU
Sep 9 David Perreault, MIT
Title Architectures for Low-Voltage Power Delivery
Sep 16 Luca Daniel, MIT
Oct 21 Raghunath Murali, GIT
Oct 28 Krishna Saraswat, Stanford
Nov 4 Robert Geer, Albany
Nov 11 Eric Eisenbraun, Albany
Nov 18 Vladimir Stojanovic, MIT

Jan 27 Jing Kong, MIT
Feb 10 Li-Shiuah Peh, MIT
Feb 17 Dina Katabi, MIT
Feb 24 Wei Wang, Albany


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